Bito Doshi Kai

Raymond Nakasone and Choriki Shimabuku: The Bito Doshikai represents three of the aza of the former Misato-son, Tobaru, Ozato, and Koza (but not the entire son) and is called a doshikai. Misato-son is now part of Okinawa-shi. The name “Bito” translates as “beautiful East”; the club took its name from the school that its members had attended in Okinawa. Prior to the formation of the Bito Doshikai in 1952, there was a Bito organization on Maui which existed before World War II. The Maui organization had a clubhouse built by the Maui Agricultural Company. The clubhouse served as a center of activities and was frequently used for dance, samisen, and taiko (drum) performances by members of the Bito organization. Today about 75 percent of the Bito Doshikai members are nisei who share a strong feeling of obligation to the issei. They have made retirees privileged club members exempt from club dues and welcome to attend club activities free of charge.