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Club Motobu

Notes by Ernest Yonamine: Club Motobu was originally named Motobu Sonjinkai. The change in name was made to reflect the changed composition of the membership from predominantly issei to predominantly nisei. A highlight of Club Motobu was the tour to Okinawa it sponsored to coincide with the Marine Expo ’75 held at Motobu, Okinawa. More than 100 people, of whom at least half were issei, joined the tour. At Motobu, Gen’ei Toguchi and Ernest Yonamine presented a koa bowl to the mayor, on behalf of the Club, in commemoration of Marine Expo ’75 and the anniversary of the club. Many in the tour group, especially those who had not returned to Motobu for a visit previously, were amazed at the changes Motobu had undergone. In the early years of this century, Motobu was an agricultural area with some coastline that accommodated fishing. Now it is one of the major centers of population in the northern section of Okinawa and has recently been changed from son to cho.

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