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Gushikawa Shijin Kai

Notes by Seiyu Higa: Gushikawa Shinjinkai has had a rich history. In 1931 a clubhouse was built in Kalihi and speech contests, Sunday School, and various athletic programs were held there. In the same year, members of the club participated in Toyo Kawai’s bon dance contest and won the first prize of $100. In 1948 Saburo Shingaki, Paul Agena, and Seiyu Higa organized an aid committee in order to raise funds for the rehabilitation of war-torn Gushikawa, Okinawa. Educational materials and school supplies were sent to the schools in Gushikawa. In 1951 the club, which was then named Club Gushikawa, became one of the 14 charter members of the United Okinawan Association. Dr. James Tengan, then president of Club Gushikawa, was elected one of the first English secretaries of the Association and later served as the second and fourth president of the Association. In 1956, in commemoration of its 30th anniversary, the club published a book written so that the younger generations would have a history of the issei.

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