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Haneji Club

Notes by Kiei Oyakawa: The name of the Haneji Club has undergone serval modifications to reflect the changing legal designation of Haneji, Okinawa. From 1928 to 1949, since Haneji was a son, the club existed as Haneji Sonjinkai. In 1949, when Yagaji, which was previously part of Haneji-son, was made a separate son, the name of the club was changed to Haneya Sonjinkai, Haneya being a combination of Haneji and Yagaji. In 1950, when the Haneji and Yagaji groups split into two independent clubs, the Haneji group named themselves the Honolulu Haneji Sonjinkai. Today, Haneji-son no longer exists; the area has been incorporated into Nago-shi. Nevertheless, the Haneji people in Hawaii still feel a strong identity as a separate group; therefore, they are continuing as the Haneji Club. A highlight of the past was the welcome dinner in 1946 to celebrate the return of the Haneji sons of Hawaii who fought in World War II.