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Kanegusuku Sonjin Kai

Notes by Henry Nagamine and Charles Tamayose:
(1) The first immigrant from Kanegusuku-son, Okinawa, was Jiro Gushiken, who arrived in Hawaii in 1904. Many early Kanegusuku immigrants resided in Ewa, where the Kanegusuku Sonjinkai had its beginnings. Other immigrants settled in Waipahu and Waianae.
(2) Highlights of the club include the formation of a softball team in the 1950s and the celebration of the club’s 50th anniversary in 1976. The softball team, which played in the league sponsored by Hui Makaala, was a result of the efforts of Kane Kaneshiro, owner of Kane Towing Service, to involve the youths in club activities. The Kanegusuku team won the Hui Makaala and the inter-island championship in 1955. The 50th anniversary celebration was held at Masa’s Cafeteria. On this occasion, all surviving past officers were honored and presented with a gift. To add a historical perspective to the occasion, a picture of the first picnic ever held by the club was displayed. The site of that picnic, held in 1926, was an area then called Muko Jima. Today that area lies beyond the Makalena Golf Course in the Pearl Harbor peninsula and is used by Oahu Sugar Company to grow sugar cane.