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Kitanakagusuku Sonjin Kai

Notes by Shigeharu Shiroma:
(1) A number of the original immigrants from Nakagusuku-son were young men who had been students at Nakagami Kotoshogakko in Futenma.
(2) Toward the end of World War II, the Nakagusuku issei of Hawaii formed the Kyusai Kai (Relief Organization) to provide aid to war-ravaged Kitanakagusuku-son. The organizers were: Shingo Higa, the late Jiro Higa, Kamekichi Higa, and Gizen Higa. About $5,000 was raised. The money was used to purchase relief items such as clothing, medicine, vegetable seeds, and school supplies. The items were stored in the warehouse of Y. Higa Trucking, a firm founded by Yetsuo Higa, until the war ended. They were then transported to Okinawa by the U.S. Army.
(3) In 1946 the Kitanakagusuku issei and kibei nisei (nisei who returned to Hawaii after living some years in Japan) united to form the Kitanakagusuku Sonjinkai. Presidents of the club until the present have been either issei or kibei nisei.
(4) In 1980 the may of Kitanakagusuku-son, Eisho Oshiro, wrote to express his felicitations on the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the arrival of the Okinawans in Hawaii. He recalled the deep gratitude felt by the people of Kitanakagusuku-son toward the people of Hawaii for the postwar aid. Kitanakagusuku- son intended to send a troupe of 15 boys to perform a unique war dance at the 80th anniversary celebrations but was unable to have the dance included in the program.

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