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Osato Doshi Kai

The first group of immigrants from Osato arrived in Hawai`i in 1908. The Osato Doshi Kai was established in Waipahu where many of the families resided. Celebrating the New Year was an important gathering for the members, sharing a delicious meal, spending time talking story catching up with friends and family members. In years past, many of these New Year’s gatherings were held at the homes of members, also included was a mini bazaar where plants, hand-made items, and baked goods were sold.

Highlights of the club were the formation of a softball team in the 1950’s and volleyball later became very popular with club members. The Osato volleyball team was the 2019 HUOA Mixed Volleyball League Division A Champions!

There is also participation in other club activities for example the Genealogy Club, Hawai`i Okinawa Creative Arts (HOCA), and Chinagu Eisa Hawai`i.

In the year 2020, we have an opportunity to find and learn new online methods of communication to stay connected and involved with fellow club members and HUOA. The bridge established will strengthen our ties between the Issei, Nisei, Sansei, Yonsei, and Gosei members of Osato Doshi Kai.

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