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Yomitan Club

Founded in 1927; with 51 adults and 125 children, Yomitan Club was formed by families who immigrated from Yomitan-son, Okinawa as a means to stay connected with our roots. While life has changed over the years, a review of the last 20 years show we still count our membership by families; averaging about 340 “families” with an estimated member count of 725.

We periodically hold events such as our picnic or gatherings; however, one of our mainstays is volunteering at the HUOA Okinawan Festival and holding our Annual Shinnen Enkai (New Year’s Party); averaging 400 in attendance for food, fun, family and friendship. Yomitan Club has given our current generation a sense of belonging and connectivity to the Yomitan and Okinawan culture as well as making life long friends and memories. Our goal is to continue to perpetuate the Yomitan spirit for future generations.

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