HOP- Hawaii Okinawa Plaza

The Hawaii Okinawa Plaza was created as an income-producing property that will ensure the sustainability and long-term goals of HUOA. It opened its doors in late 2019 and was fully leased out. Rental income from the Plaza will go to the HUOA to support its many cultural programs as well as the upkeep and capital improvements of the Hawaii Okinawa Center. This accomplishment took years in the making and would not have been possible without the help and support of the over 1,200 donors in Hawaii and Okinawa.

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Hawaii Okinawa Plaza Timeline

Construction for the Hawaii Okinawa Plaza building shell is completed in May, which allows tenants to now to complete design and construction of the interior.

Building Construction commences in April. Contractor S&M Sakamoto worked diligently with the HOP Project team to keep the project within budget and on schedule.

The momentum carries with continued cooperation from both Hawaii and Okinawa to share our culture while investing in our future. Some fundraising events in Hawaii since 2015 include: Ryukyu no Kaze and Aloha Den-On No Hibiki.

Officials and supporters from Okinawan and Hawaii gather in July to bless the project site. Architect Maurice Yamasato, who also designed the HOC, completes the building design and submits a building permit application. Eisa concert “Drums of Hope” combining artists from Okinawa and Hawaii raises funds for the Plaza.

With equity in a property with increased value, a path is paved to start with building design, permitting, lease marketing and administrative work.Fundraising campaigns are started in Okinawa and Hawaii to support building construction such as the 200 for $2M Ikuyu Madin Club campaign.

The land purchase is fully paid for through government, business industry and member support.

Through the work of the Land Development Committee, the property is rezoned from Industrial to Industrial Mixed-Use allowing more diversity in permitted uses, including commercial retail, education, daycare, etc.

A subsidy from Okinawa Prefectural Government, and Shi-Cho-Son Organizations was appropriated for site construction allowing grading, drainage and a retaining wall to be constructed. Past Vice Governor Mr. Zenki Nakazato took the lead in raising money from the various levels of Okinawa Government.

HUOA receives a grant from the Hawaii State Government.
Various fundraising efforts bring culture, comradery and yuimaaru to our community. Just a few of these include: “Amawari,” Ikuyu Madin Golf Tournament, Slam the Debt Campaign and the 8/8/08 Campaign.

The property is purchased with support of a USDA Loan, local and group donations from Okinawa.

Hawaii Okinawa Plaza capital campaign begins.

HUOA President George Tamashiro introduces a vision to sustain the organization for future generations through the purchase of a 1.99 acre property directly across the street from the Hawaii Okinawa Center. HUOA Board moves to further investigate the purchase and development of the property.