Schedule of Events for 2007
28 Hui Okinawa's Shinnen Enkai at the Hilo Hongwanji Sangha Hall
17 Is’shin Concert at Leeward Theatre, 7 pm
23 HUOA Club Development Seminar- Chibarana at the HOC, 5:30 pm - Refreshments & fellowship; 7 pm - Workshop
9-11 Honolulu Festival
1 Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko Hawaii's 10th Anniversary Recital at Ohana Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel, 1 pm ... pictures by Laverne Higa Nance
22 Nomura Ryu Ongaku Kyo Kai 40th Anniversary Concert & Aloha Party at the HOC, 2 pm
9 HUOA Spring Evening Craft Fair at the HOC
26-27 HUOA Okinawan Invitational Golf Tournament at West Loch Municipal Golf Course
27 HUOA Golf Tournament Banquet at Jikoen Temple
8-10 Pan-Pacific Festival
11-15 Children’s Cultural Day Camp at the HOC
23 Irei no Hi at Jikoen Temple, doors open at 9:30 am
22 Hui Makaala Scholarship Awards Banquet at the Ala Moana Hotel, Carnation Room
31 25th Okinawan Festival Parade on Kalakaua Ave
1 25th Okinawan Festival and Bon Dance at Kapiolani Park
2 25th Okinawan Festival at Kapiolani Park
9 Ami-chi Charity Concert & Aloha Party
11 Autumn Dance Festival practice at the HOC 7 pm
15 Autumn Dance Festival
23 HUOA Legacy Awards Banquet
Sep 26 - Oct 8 HUOA Leadership Tour to Okinawa
1-11 HUOA Study Tour to Okinawa
28 Annual Envelope Stuffing Party at the HOC
24-25 HUOA Winter Craft Fair
5 HUOA Craft Fair, "An Evening in Waipio", Wednesday, at HOC
Dates and events are subject to change.
Last updated on 13 July 2007