At its November 20 meeting, the Hawaii United Okinawa Association Board of Directors (made up of the club presidents or their representatives) approved the organization’s proposed slate of officers for 2001. James Y. Iha will serve as president of the 52-member club HUOA as the organization observes the 50th anniversary of its formation.

Iha, who retired as principal of Leilehua High School, is a member of Chatan Sonjin Kai and Wahiawa Okinawa Kyoyu Kai. He served as co-chair for both the 1999 and 2000 Okinawan Festival. The installation banquet for Iha and his fellow officers will be held January 20, 2001, at the Hawaii Okinawa Center. HUOA will also recognize the “unsung heroes” of our organization and the community — the “Uchinanchu of the Year” honorees. The installation banquet is being organized by Chatan club members and is chaired by George Kaneshiro. Among the special treats planned for the evening will be singing by a choral group made up of representatives from HUOA’s various clubs. Tickets for the 5:30 p.m. event are $30 and are being distributed to the HUOA’s member clubs.

Serving with Iha will be President-elect: Gladys Tokunaga-Asao (Tamagusuku Club), Vice Presidents: Keith Kaneshiro (Aza Gushikawa Doshi Kai, Kochinda Chojin Kai and Hui Makaala), George Tamashiro (Wahiawa Okinawa Kyoyu Kai), Karen Shishido (Hui Makaala), Executive Secretary: Jane Tateyama (Club Motobu), Assistant Executive Secretary: Gerri Nakamura (Chatan Sonjin Kai and Wahiawa Okinawa Kyoyu Kai), Japanese Language Secretary: Chikako Nago (Young Okinawans of Hawaii), Treasurer: Douglas Miyasato (Aza Yogi Doshi Kai), Assistant Treasurer: Jane Okamura (Hawaii Shuri-Naha Club) and soon-to-be Immediate Past President: Albert Miyasato (Club Motobu).

Jimmy Iha has asked Stanley Takamine, Dorothy Hoe, Roy Kaneshiro, Ken Kiyabu, George Uyema and Maurice Yamasato to serve as his advisors.