by Richard Chung
Manager, A Catered Experience

A Catered Experience welcomed the “Year of the Snake” by holding its first Menu Sampling Party at the Hawaii Okinawa Center on Jan. 5. The purpose of the event was to showcase several new dishes, talk about benefits for HUOA member clubs, introduce a special incentive program for HUOA members, and create a night of fellowship for club officers. We are committed to bringing together the officers of all the member clubs annually for a grand night of fun, fellowship, food and entertainment.

Last year, a 10 percent discount was extended to all clubs that booked parties at the Hawaii Okinawa Center. It is a pleasure to announce that for 2001, the 10 percent discount has been expanded to any order placed with A Catered Experience. This means that any HUOA member who places an order with A Catered Experience for pick-up, delivery, a full-service function, or hall party will receive a 10 percent discount. The discount is no longer limited to HOC parties only. As a special incentive, clubs that have parties at the Hawaii Okinawa Center this year will receive a 20 percent discount on their 2002 HOC party menu.

Details on the referral program were released at the Menu Sampling Party. It will allow clubs to earn additional tickets to the annual Menu Sampling Party. Each club will automatically be issued a set number of tickets, regardless of club size. The exact number has yet to be determined, although it will be based on actual seats (president, vice president, secretary, etc.) and perhaps, advisory positions. Additional tickets can be obtained by placing orders with A Catered Experience through the referral program throughout the year. If you are going to a potluck party, throwing a family get-together, or even if your office needs a spread for an special event, place your order with A Catered Experience in the name of your club. All orders will be credited to your club, which will earn additional tickets to the next Menu Sampling Party.

Special thanks to the Yomitan Club for their support, to Mrs. Dorothy Hoe for her last-minute coordination efforts, and to everyone who attended. You all helped make the first A Catered Experience Menu Sampling Party a big success.