The HUOA video team is going gangbusters, editing video they’ve shot for HUOA’s weekly television program, “Hawaii Okinawa Today,” or “HOT.” “Hawaii Okinawa Today” airs Wednesday evenings from 7 to 8 p.m. on ‘Olelo: The Corporation for Community Television (Oceanic Cable channel 52).

Last year was a busy one filled with activities marking the centennial of Okinawan immigration to Hawaii. The HOT team shot all of the centennial events as a permanent record of what transpired — but also to share the event with others in our community through their pictures and sound. Keep in mind that it’s very easy to shoot video; much more time-consuming is the editing process. It takes up to 80 hours to edit a one-hour show.

Our HOT team members are interested in video production. However, they are also young, working people who are trying their best to edit the shows as quickly and as creatively as possible.

Although several events are planned for this year’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of the HUOA, the lighter schedule will allow us more editing time.

We have put together a tentative program schedule that will carry us through April. Remember that this schedule is tentative and subject to change. ‘Olelo requires that our shows be ready for viewing by the Saturday before our scheduled Wednesday air time. If we are not able to finish editing and production by the Saturday due date, we will substitute it with another of our interesting shows — “A HOT hana hou.”

We will be providing Program Committee chair Victor Yamashiroya and Culture Subcommittee chair Thelma Lam with the latest schedule information so they can pass the information on during Keiko Ura’s radio program on KZOO on Sundays from 4:30 to 5 p.m.

The information will also be provided to the HUOA staff and to Ronald Miyashiro, chair of our Computer Subcommittee, which is presently constructing HUOA’s website. Beginning April 1, go to our website,, for the latest update on “Hawaii Okinawa Today ” programs.

If you have any questions about HUOA’s video team or about our HOT programs, please call Henry Isara at 595-2773, or e-mail him at

Ippei nihei debiru from the HUOA Video Team.


Feb. 28: “Chimu Suruti Udura — Our Heartfelt Dance” benefit performance for HUOA and aloha party. Performance by members of the Ryusei Honryu Hozon Kai from Okinawa, San Francisco and Hawaii, featuring Hawaii’s Mitsuko Toguchi Sensei. (A HOT hana hou)

March 7: “Nuuzi Kakiyabira — Rainbows: Bridges in Time.” Opening performance of the Okinawan Centennial Celebration. (Taped Jan. 8, 2000 at the Hawaii Okinawa Center)

March 14: HUOA Installation Banquet: installation of 2001 officers, led by President James Iha. (Taped Jan. 20 at the Hawaii Okinawa Center)

March 21: “Chuhisa Na — Fulfilling Dreams, One Step at a Time.” Nabiraki (formal introduction) performance of the Tamagusuku Ryu Senju Kai - Frances Nakachi Ryubu Dojo. (Taped May 13, 2000, at the Hawaii Theatre)

March 28: Hawaii Okinawa Center 10th anniversary celebration. (Taped June 10, 2000, at the Hawaii Okinawa Center)

April 4: “Nuuzi Kakiyabira — Rainbows: Bridges in Time.” Opening performance of the Okinawan Centennial Celebration. (Taped Jan. 8, 2000, at the Hawaii Okinawa Center) (A HOT hana hou)

April 11: “Champuru Show” featuring a mixed plate of activities in our Okinawan community, including:

• Hui Okinawa’s Haari Boat races. (Taped Aug. 19, 2000, in Hilo)
• Namie Amuro performance. (Taped May 12, 2000, at the Waikiki Shell)
• Autumn Dance Festival. (Taped Sept. 16, 2000, at the Hawaii Okinawa Center)
• Children’s Day Camp. (Taped June 12-16, 2000, at the Hawaii Okinawa Center)

April 18: Kauai Okinawan Festival (taped April 18 and 19, 2000, in Lihue)

April 25: HUOA Board of Directors meeting at the Hawaii Okinawa Center. Interviews with President James Iha and others (taped Feb. 26, 2001). Also, other events.