by Gary T. Honda
Executive Editor, Uchinanchu
Executive Director, HUOA

In the December 2000 issue of Uchinanchu, we asked you to respond to a Reader Survey. This was the second reader survey that Uchinanchu has done in the last three years. We had 56 respondents to our first survey, which was done in April 1998. Eighty readers responded to our 2000 survey, an increase of 42.9 percent. In the first survey, we received responses from Oahu, Maui and the Big Island. The 2000 survey surprised us because we received responses from not only Oahu, Maui and the Big Island — but from Kauai, California and Washington state as well. In one sense, we can say that Uchinanchu has become a national newsletter. Ippe nihwee deebiru to all of you who took the time to respond.

During the next few months, we will be using this information to make Uchinanchu more informative and entertaining for you, while continuing to focus on our mission of preserving, perpetuating and promoting our Okinawan culture.

From the 80 responses to our 2000 survey, we were able to put together the following profile of the average Uchinanchu reader.

• Our average reader is about 68.6 years old. In 1998, our average reader was 62.4 years old.
• Uchinanchu’s average reader still reads the entire issue of the newsletter — and keeps each issue for about a month, or until the next issue is published.
• Our average reader comes from a household of one to two adults; in several families, there were more than two generations of Uchinanchu living together. One respondent had four generations of Uchinanchu living in his home— second, third, fourth and fifth.

In 1998, the average reader felt that Uchinanchu should be published every other month. In 2000, 35.6 percent felt that Uchinanchu should be published monthly, while 35.6 percent felt it should be published quarterly. Only 28.9 percent felt it should be published once every bi-monthly. This year, we plan to publish six issues.

The survey found that 50.7 percent of our readers noticed a change in Uchinanchu, while 49.3 saw no change. These statistics are important to us because we have been trying to do more with Uchinanchu.

We will be including more feature articles about our Okinawan culture, people in our community, stories about the past and upcoming events. Our readers have indicated that they want to see cultural stories about Okinawans, human interest pieces. stories about Okinawans in other parts of the world, and news from Okinawa. They also want to read about younger Okinawans and about the life experiences of our Issei and Nisei.

In the survey, 90.9 percent said that Uchinanchu is their primary source of information about our Okinawan community. We are pleased to hear that and pledge to do all we can to continue giving you an informative and entertaining publication in a timely manner.

We hope more of our HUOA clubs will share information about their club activities with Uchinanchu. President Jimmy Iha said it all in his installation message: “We must always remember that the success of HUOA is highly dependent upon the strength and effectiveness of our member associations.” Sharing information, recognizing the good work of your club and your individual members — that’s what Uchinanchu is here to help you do.

The comments you shared with us in the survey will help improve Uchinanchu. Please keep reading Uchinanchu and feel free to write us at HUOA, 94-587 Ukee St., Waipahu, Hawaii 96797, or e-mail us at huoa@aloha.com to let us know what you think of the issues. We also welcome any suggestions you may have. Ippe nihwee deebiru for your support and kokua!