by Wayne Miyahira
Chair, HUOA Sports Committee

They play with passion and with pride in their respective clubs — and the Jan. 20 installation program was an opportunity for these HUOA sports program MVPs to shine and to celebrate their hard work and sportsmanship with the Uchinanchu community. HUOA’s 2000 President Albert Miyasato presented the trophies to the winning clubs.

Hui Makaala has won the softball championship for two consecutive years. Member Reid Yamashiro accepted the trophy on behalf of his club. The tradition has been that if a team wins three championships, the perpetual trophy must be retired and a new one prepared. Hui Makaala can certainly do it this year!

HUOA 2000 President Albert Miyasato with Reid Yamashiro representing softball champs Hui Makaala, Dorene Higa representing golf champions Minami Nakagusuku Sonjin Kai, Alan Isara with Kochinda Chojin Kai’s bowling trophy, and James Miyashiro representing volleyball champs Urasoe Shijin Kai.

Kochinda Chojin Kai’s bowling team has just the right combination of youth and experience. Previously, Kochinda members competed on two teams: one young and energetic, and the other experienced, but getting up there in age. Now, with one team representing Kochinda, they have put together a superb team of bowlers who were represented in the awards presentation by Alan Isara.

Kent Tamashiro won the HUOA golf championship on Memorial Day weekend and helped Minami Nakagusuku Sonjin Kai win the coveted Inamine Cup, donated by Jimmy’s Bakery (of Okinawa) owner Jimmy Inamine. The trophy signifies that Minami Nakagusuku, represented by member Dorene Higa, has the best golf team in the HUOA. Congratulations to Kent and to golfers from Minami Nakagusuku!!

“Dynasty” is the word that best describes HUOA’s volleyball league. Urasoe Shijin Kai has been the volleyball champions for so long that not many people remember who preceded them as the champions. Member James Miyashiro accepted the trophy for his club. Clearly, Urasoe rules!

Wayne Miyahira is a member of Gaza Yonagusuku Doshi Kai and Nishihara Chojin Kai. He served as 1990-91 HUOA president.