One of the highlights of the January 20 Installation Banquet was the honoring of the Year 2000 “Uchinanchu of the Year” — each of whom was selected for the honor by their respective clubs. In this issue of Uchinanchu, we conclude the profiles of these special treasures. We would also like to share with you installation program emcee Jon Itomura’s introduction of the “Uchinanchu of the Year.”

“You’ve all seen those VISA credit card commercials that try to put a price on certain things. My commercial would go something like this: sack of andagi - $1.50; Okinawan soba - $3.50; HUOA Installation Banquet tickets - $30 . . . ‘Uchinanchu of the Year’: priceless . . .”

Year 2000 "Uchinanchu of the Year" honorees

(Special thanks to Chatan Sonjin Kai member Ray Uyema for sharing these digital files with Uchinanchu.)