The Hawaii Okinawa Center will remain closed until further notice.
Phone lines are open, please leave a message for the staff using the HOC telephone directory. Call us at 676-5400 or send an email to Please take care of your family and your health.
Thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding as we work to best protect our volunteers, patrons, staff, and greater community.
Yutasarugutu unige sabira

2021 Uchinaa Junior Study Program

Looking for Hawaii Participants and Youth Leader!

2021 Uchina Junior Study Program

The Okinawa Prefecture International Exchange Division will be selecting ONE candidate from Hawaii to participate in the 2021 Uchinaa Junior Study Program. ONE Overseas Youth Leader will be selected from all overseas applicants.

Youth of Okinawan descent from around the world will learn about Okinawan history, culture, and nature while experiencing daily life with local Okinawan youths of the same age group. They will build strong bonds, deepen their understanding of their Okinawan roots, the local Okinawan students will broaden their international outlooks, and grow the generation that will shoulder the Uchinaa Network.

Click here for information and application

Hui O Laulima Cultural Grants

Uchinanchu Newsletter

Hui O Laulima has provided grants to individuals and organizations in our local Okinawan community with the greatest potential for the preservation, promotion, and perpetuation of the Okinawan culture.

2022 Cultural Grant Application deadline is July 31, 2021.

Click here for information and application

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HUOA Andagi & Andagog Drive Thru

All 788 dozens of Andagi and 1600 Andadog have been sold out on Sunday 4/18. Thank you all for your support.

If you placed and order, see you at the Hawaii Okinawa Center on Sunday, April 25.

HUOA Andagi & Andagog Drive Thru

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