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The Hawaii United Okinawa Association is a 501(3)c non-profit organization whose mission is to promote, perpetuate and preserve Okinawan culture. The organization is made up of 49 member clubs and one affiliate member club, whose combined member total exceeds 40,000 members. It is governed by a Board of Directors representing each HUOA Member Club, an elected Executive Council. HUOA employs an Executive Director and a staff of two full-time and four part-time employees. We are truly fortunate to have an extraordinary team of volunteers who become active and represent their Clubs, become officers of HUOA, run various cultural and community events, provide support staff in the office, work as landscapers, maintenance workers, painters, janitors, and list goes on. What we are known for and our biggest of event the year is the Okinawan Festival, traditionally held on the Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend at the Hawaii Convention Center.
Below are links to the history of HUOA, current Member Club listing and our guiding philosophy. Click on the links below for more information.

HUOA Guiding Philosophy - The Eight Principles
Member Club Listing
History of HUOA

Hawaii Okinawa Center

Hawaii Okinawa Plaza


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