Okinawan Festival

Hawaii Okinawa Center Clean Up Service Project 


A great community service project, HOC Clean Up happens early morning Saturday or Sunday, from 7:00 am – 9:00 am. The Clean Up goal is to conduct a thorough cleaning of the outside restroom, stage and dressing rooms, mezzanine, and exterior windows and trash boxes. This also fulfils a community service project for teenagers active in service organizations.  Clubs can sign up for dates by calling HUOA (676-5400) or emailing


Only volunteers are needed, HUOA will provide the supplies and equipment. Having 4 people per team allows a comfortable pace.

     - Restroom Team: Team will clean the men’s & women’s restrooms.  

     - Stage Team: Team will clean the stage, backstage area, dressing rooms and backstage restrooms.  

     - Mezzanine Team: Team will go upstairs to clean the mezzanine area which includes the stairs leading up to the mezzanine.  

     - Exterior Team: Team will clean the exterior rubbish can “boxes”, clean windows, dust and clean box office, Wall of Honor and planters.  


Call to schedule your club for a clean up date. Mahalo!