Okinawan Festival


Year Started 1947, with 30 member families.
Organizers Toraichi Tamashiro, shinichi Chinen, Shinkichi Gima, Ryokei Nakamura.
Original Officers Toraichi Tamashiro, president.
Past President Toraichi Tamashiro
Shinichi Chinen
Genbi Tonaki
John Miyasato
Genichi Tamashiro
Andy Yamashiro
Nobu Nishime
Thomas Tonake
Clarence Tamashiro, Sr.
Clarence Tamashiro, Jr.
Herbert Gima
George Tonaki
Bob Terukina
Stanley Nakamura
Stanley Gibo
Kenneth Tamashiro
Robert Maeshiro
Notes Notes by Richard Koja, Sr.: (1) Sashiki and Chinen are neighboring son in Okinawa. Sashiki-son is where the tomb of King Sho Hashi (1422-1439), the great unifier, is located. Chinen-son is famous for being one of the most important sacred sites (seifa utake) in the Okinawan religion. In many of the villages of the northern section of Chinen-son, people both fish and farm. In earlier day the fish were transported in canoes and marketed at Yonabaru. The present governor of Okinawa, Junji Nishime (1979- ), is from Chinen-son. (2) Prior to World War II, the people in Hawaii from Sashiki-son, Chinen-son and Tamagusuku-son united to form one locality club. The sashiki and Chinen groups hve continued together as a club because each group is still too small to form an independent club. (3) Genbi Tonaki was the first Sashiki issei to graduate from the University of Hawaii; he graduated in 1932 with a bachelor's degree in agriculture. When the United Okinawan Association participated in the Okinawan Farm Youth Projram, Mr. Tonaki served as host farmer to Okinawan trainees at his orchid farm in Kahaluu.
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