Okinawan Festival


Year Started The issei from Itoman formed a club in 1922 but disbanded after six years because of personality conflicts. The club was reorganized by the nisei in 1950 as the Itoman Nisei Club. There were 70 member familie
Organizers Organizers in 1922: Jiro Kaneshiro, Hideo Oshiro, Kama Miyashiro, Seitoku Uyehara. Organizers in 1950: Richard Gima, Konichi Kaneshiro, Tad Uyehara, Shoichi Uyehara, Andrew Oshiro.
Original Officers Officers in 1950: Richard Gima, president; Konichi Kaneshiro, vice president; Tad Uyehara, treasurer; Andrew Oshiro, secretary.
Past President Richard Gima (1950-55)
Dexter Uyehara (1956-76)
Masaru Uehara (1977-79)
Notes Throughout the years, the Itoman Club has honored its outstanding members. About 1958 a testimonial dinner was held for Dr. Sakae Uehara upon his return from the mainland to practice in Hawaii. In 1974 special recognition was given to Mr. Fushun Teruya, who received the Sixth Order of Merit with the Order of the Sacred Treasure from the government of Japan. Mr. Teruya was presented the Order of Merit because of his significant contributions in the fields of education and agriculture. In 1978 a testimonial dinner was given for Dr. Harry Uyehara, who received his doctorate in library studies.
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