Okinawan Festival


Year Started About 1920, with 25-30 member families.
Original Officers Tokugen Higa, Yeiko Higa, Chushichi Miyagi, Toso Kishimoto, Shitaro Nakamura.
Past President Hideichi Organeku
Chogen Tamashiro
Shukyoku (Nobu) Kamiyama
Junkichi Higa
Tom T. Higa
Notes Notes by Mrs. Usa Oshiro: (1) Nago, Okinawa, was an agricultural area that supplies sugar and firewood to Naha. Very few people of Nago were businessmen; businesses were usually owned by people who were either from Naha or from the main islands of Japan. There was an influx of Naichi to Nago when Japan acted to Japanize Okinawa about the turn of the centrury. Many Naichi were policemen stationed at the Nago-cho police station, one of the major stations in Okinawa. (2) Compared to neighboring areas such as Haneji, Motobu and Kin, Nago had relatively few immigrants to Hawaii. Some of the Nago immigrants and descendants who have attained prominence in Hawaii are: the late Yeiko Higa, original owner of Higa Meat and Pork Market; the late Hideichi Oganeku, owner of Ebisu Catering Service; Steven Nagamine, president of Flamingo Restaurants; Walter and John Tamashiro of Tamashiro Market; Francis and Charles Higa of Zippy's; and Charles Higa, artist and past advisor to the Okinawan Cultural Jubiles.