Okinawan Festival


Year Started 1935, with approximately 75 member families.
Organizers Tokko Nagamine, Toichi Omine, Kana Kaneshiro, Yasukichi Nagamine, Teiso Omine.
Original Officers Tokko Nagamine, president; Toichi Omine, vice president; Yasukichi Nagamine, secretary; Teiso Omine, treasurer.
Past President Tokko Nagamine (1935-38)
Toichi Omine (1939-42, 1945-46)
Kamado Oshiro (1943-44)
Jizo Oshiro (1947-50)
Teiso Omine (1951-52)
Fukusei Hokama (1953-54)
Jack Tomei (1955-56)
Kamesuke Higa (1957-58)
Ritoku Oshiro (1959-60)
Yasuo Gushi (1960-61)
Tokuichi Oshiro (1962-63, 1972-73)
James Senaga (1964-65)
Tokushi Oshiro (1966-67)
Kenneth Tomei (1976-71, 1974-79)
Notes Notes by Yasuo Gushi: (1) In the years prior to World War II, Okinawan sumo matches were always an exciting highlight of the annual picnics sponsored by the Tomigusuku Sonjinkai. Okinawan sumo differs from Naichi sumo. Wo win a match in Okinawan sumo, a wrestler must pin both shoulders of his opponent to the ground or floor rather than push himout of a circle. (2) At the end of World War II, the Tomigusuku Sonjinkai participated in the various relief programs to aid Okinawa. Members collected clothes and raised money to purchase relief items such as school supplies, medicine, pigs and milking goats. Clothing that was collected by the club members to be sent specifically to Tomigusuku-son was distributed so that even the aza that did not have a sizable representation in Hawaii were provided for. (3) From about 1955 the nisei began to assume the leadership of the club.
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