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Okinawan Festival

Let's Sing Uchinaaguchi!

By Brandon Ing, fourth generation Okinawan from Hawaii

A catchy yet educational music video to share with you "Let's Sing Uchinaaguchi!"

Featured in the Ryukyu Shimpo newspaper in Okinawa: http://english.ryukyushimpo.jp/2012/02/01/5170/


Uchinaaguchi was the language spoken throughout the main island of the Ryukyu kingdom (present-day Okinawa) before it was annexed and occupied by Japan. Due to pressure to assimilate to Japanese society and culture, currently only about 5% of Okinawan people can fully communicate in their own language; a majority of them in their 70's or older.

In an effort to raise awareness and interest in Uchinaaguchi among school children in Okinawa, Brandon Ing [Ufugusuku] (Hawaii-born 4th generation Okinawan, now teaching English at an elementary school in Okinawa), Igor Shin Moromisato, and Eliane Katsumi Gushiken (both Brazil-born 2nd generation Okinawans) worked together to create this animation.



LESSON 4: Uchinaaguchi Counting Song

LESSON 3: Informal Phrases in Uchinaaguchi

LESSON 2: Introduce Yourself in Uchinaaguchi


LESSON 1: Introduction to Uchinaaguchi