Okinawan Festival

Okinawan Culture & Arts 


Historical Gallery

The Historical Gallery is located at Hawaii Okinawa Center. You'll find a selection of historical artifacts and reference books.


Okinawan Classesoffered at HUOA


Okinawan Cultural Directory

We are fortunate in the Okinawan community to have so many cultural leaders who continue to preserve, perpetuate and promote the Okinawan culture. If you are interested in learning more about Okinawan performing arts, taiko or karate, look through the Okinawan Cultural Directory and contact a group that may interest you. If you are unsure of which group to contact, feel free to contact HUOA at 808-676-5400 or


Literary Journal: Voices from Okinawa

Voices from Okinawa is the summer 2009 issue of MANOA, an international literary journal published by the University of Hawai‘i Press. Over 200 pages long, Voices features the following: three plays and an essay by Jon Shirota, a Nisei novelist and playwright born in Hawai‘i; two essays by Mitsugu Sakihara, an Issei university professor and historian; an interview with Seiyei Wakukawa, an Issei journalist, historian, and activist; an interview with June Hiroko Arakawa, a Kibei Nisei who was a prominent community figure; an essay by Philip K. Ige, a Nisei writer born in Hawai‘i; art from the Sakamaki/Hawley Collection of Hamilton Library, of the University of Hawai‘i.


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More videos

By Brandon Ing


Let's Sing Uchinaaguchi on YouTube.

A catchy yet educational music video to share with you "Let's Sing Uchinaaguchi!"

Featured in the Ryukyu Shimpo newspaper in Okinawa:

Center for Okinawan Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa

College classes, events open to the public, and other information on Okinawa and Okinawan culture.


Okinawa Prefectural Government

Official website of the prefectural government of Okinawa. Available in English and Japanese.

Wonder Okinawa

Okinawa Prefectural Government's website that showcase a digital archive of  "Okinawa's nature and climate, on entertainment and nightlife, and much more. It aims not only to provide information on Okinawa's past, rich as it is, but also on the "new" Okinawa of today, and it will be a valuable source of tourism information."

Mahae Plus - Okinawa Tourist Information

Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau official website.


Rádio Léquios WEB Radio - Okinawan Music

Enjoy listening to Okinawan music online at Radio Lequios Web Radio. It's free to listen and lyrics are posted as well. A great web radio site hosted by Uchinanchu in Brazil, most of the site is in Portuguese but the music player is in English.

A Photographic History of Emigration and Migrant Workers from Yomitan Village
Hard copies are available at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library.