Okinawan Festival

Giving to the Hawaii United Okinawa Association (HUOA)


The Hawaii United Okinawa Association is recognized by the IRS as a Section 501(c)(3)

non-profit organization.  Gifts qualify as charitable contributions.



Annual Giving

"Preserving Our Legacy"


Annual gifts to the Hawaii United Okinawa Association help to support ongoing programs like sanshin, taiko, Uchinaaguchi, ichigo ichie, and ikebana classes, Childrenís Cultural Day Camp, international student exchanges, visits by Okinawa prefectural and municipal government officials,  and Okinawan music, dance and theatrical presentations.  Your gift will also help to preserve the Hawaii Okinawa Center (HOC) and its multi-purpose ballroom/theatre, cultural gallery, resource center and Okinawan style gardens that are open to the public.  Help us to share Okinawan culture and our facilities with all people by including us in your annual charitable gifting.

For more information about Preserving Our Legacy or to make a tax deductible donation, please contact Jon Itomura, Executive Director at 808-676-5400 or


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Genealogy Database


Your contribution goes towards supporting the mission of the Okinawan Genealogy Society of Hawaii (OGSH) to encourage and support Okinawans in their search for family histories and lineage and to document their findings.

Your gift will enable OGSH to continue and expand existing products that support this endeavor through our database enhancements and improvements, our Short Story books for documentation of the histories and our participation at events and venues that enhances community awareness of the tools available to them to research their ancestral records.

Your gift also enables OGSH to participate in outreaches to share our knowledge and to strengthen Okinawan relational ties both locally, nationally and globally.



Donate Your Car through Kokua In Kind


Kokua In Kind


Donate your car with Kokua In Kind, a car exchange service that will take your old car and resell it.  Proceeds from the sale less fees will be a donation to HUOA!  And yes, this is a tax deductible gift. You will receive a letter from HUOA once we are notified.  You donít have to be an HUOA club member to donate.  Encourage your family, friends and co-workers who are considering donating their vehicle to go to Kokua In Kind to benefit HUOA.  Our first donor was our very own 2009 HUOA President, Ford Chinen!  Visit for more information.