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Our goal for 2014 is to raise over $2,000,000 - to start construction of the Hawaii Okinawa Plaza.

The Hawaii Okinawa Plaza is essential to address rising expenses of the Hawaii Okinawa Center.  This will be the foundation that allows us to continue the preservation, perpetuation, and promotion of our Okinawan culture in Hawaii.


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Ikuyu Madin - building from generation to generation

When the first 26 Okinawan immigrants set foot in Hawaii, they carried their Okinawan homeland within their hearts, bridging the gulf between the two island states with a sense of community that would eventually be woven into the fabric of Hawaiian society. Their pride and determination were instrumental in helping to lay the foundation of a uniquely Okinawan community in Hawaii, one of which would, nearly a half century later, gave birth to the Hawaii United Okinawa Association. Their legacy lives today, stronger than ever, embodied in an organization whose very purpose mirrors that of the pioneering immigrants who began arriving in Hawaii in 1900, the perpetuation of Okinawan culture and the preservation of close ties with their ancestral land.  



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Ikuyu Madin Capital Campaign History

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Completing the Dream, Uchinanchu newsletter article, January/February 2005 issue.
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